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Quick Tips on how to Read your Water Meter

Where can I find the water meter?
The water meter is usually located in the street or sidewalk in front of the property. Open the concrete or metal cover carefully (spiders like to hide there) and clean the meter so you can see indicators. A good practice is first of all to compare the meter No. on the bill and the meter No. on the meter (usually on the cover of the meter).

How do I check the meter for leaks?
The red triangle is the flow (leak) indicator, and it spins when water is being used, or when there is a leak is the plumbing system (different meters have different leak indicators, some can be a black triangle or a blue asterisk). Turn off all the water in your property and check if the flow indicator is spinning. If the flow indicator is spinning, and no water is being used, you probably have an underground leak.

What do these numbers mean?
Water is calculated in units of HCF (hundred cubic feet).

The first digit in this meter (4) stands for one cubic foot of water, which is the amount of water that fills a cube of 1’x1’x1’. So, 1 CF = 7.48 gallons.

The second digit (2) stands for 10 cubic foot of water. 10 CF = 74.8 Gallons.

The white digits represent HCF (hundred cubic feet) units, the water bill is calculated in HCF. When comparing the bill with the water meter, you will usually have to compare only the white digits (HCF), and discard the black (which are 1 CF, and 10 CF).

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