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How does the water department calculate water usage?

A cubic foot of water (CF) is the amount of water needed to fill a cube 1 foot wide, 1 foot-deep and one foot high. One cubic foot of water = 7.48 Gallons of water.

HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet) is amount of water needed to fill a cube of one hundred cubic foot. One hundred cubic (HCF) of water = 748 Gallons.

Your water bill is usually calculated in HCF. This means how many Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) of water you used in your billing cycle.

What does this all mean?
A typical toilet flush = 3 gallons (0.004 HCF)
A typical shower = 15 gallons (0.02 HCF)
A typical bath / Laundry = 45 gallons (0.06 HCF)
A one-hour irrigation cycle = 600 gallons (0.8 HCF)
A standard size pool = 30,000 gallons (40 HCF)
Makes more sense now?

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How much water loss can a leak cause?

Leak in the toilet:
At the rate of ½ gallon per minute = 21,600 gallons loss in a month or 29 HCF
Who knew a toilet can cause so much water loss?

Pinhole leak in a copper pipe:
At the rate of 1 gallon per minute = 43,200 gallons loss in a month or 58 HCF

Major break in main service line:
At the rate of 3 gallon per minute = 129,600 gallons loss in a month or 174 HCF

A high-water bill is always a good indication that something is wrong.

If none of your toilets are running and the water meter is continuously spinning its time to call Sherlock Leak Detectives to locate your underground leak.

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Systematic hunt for leaks. Determined which lines ran inside house and the 4 lines outside the house. Used sensitive ear phones and injected pressurized air to locate the bad line. Excavated the suspicious site and wouldn’t leave until he found, felt and saw the leak in a sprinkler feed pipe. Cleaned up and reset all manual valves.

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