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About Sherlock Leak Detectives

Sherlock Leak Detectives specialize in leak detection and leak detection only!

I founded Sherlock Leak Detectives with the intention of providing homeowner with an unbiased leak detection service. Our commitment is to provide accurate five-star service with non-invasive techniques all at a fixed cost.

We know the stress and inconvenience that a leak and flood may cause, that is why we respond immediately and offer 24-hour same day service, so you can have the peace of mind that your emergency is taken care of by experts.

We also offer comprehensive solution to deal with the aftermath of a leak with our trusted affiliates such as plumbing repairs, water mitigation, mold, construction etc.

Finding leaks is our business and passion. Sherlock Leak Detectives are committed to providing you with the best service and advice to resolve your leak with minimal damage and cost.

As I like to says “Leak detection requires 50% experience, 50% special equipment, and 50% luck. At Sherlock Leak Detectives, we leave luck out of the equation.

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Leak Detection is what we do

Our clients love us! We have a 5 star perfect review status on Yelp.


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With a response time of less than 45 minutes… we have you covered.

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I turned to Sherlock Leak Detection after a few mishaps with the plumbers my home warranty company sent out, who are not actually leak detectors but won’t mind charging the customer for it. I read reviews on Yelp and two independent plumbers referred me to him. Ron is a professional. He is punctual and is very good at what he does. He brought in special equipment to listen to the water. He marked the location of the leak. Cost was $295. My whole family room didn’t have to be torn a part to fix the leak thanks to him. Going through an in slab leak is no fun and very stressful, so finding a qualified person to do the job is important. I highly recommend him. He also answered my phone calls and emails even after the job was done when I needed additional advice.

Aileen K.

Porter Ranch, CA.

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