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How do I know I have a slab leak?

There are many signs that can indicate you have a leak.

They may be as obvious as water pooling on the floor, penetrating through the wood floor or stepping in a wet carpet. They may be more subtle like warm floors, buckling wood flooring or hearing the constant sound of running water. And they maybe invisible, and you will just receive a high-water bill. If you suspect you have a leak you may want to check if your water meter is spinning when no water is being used (refer to our DIY section for instructions), or request service from Sherlock Leak Detectives.  

How do you find leaks?

Leak detection is a specialty and requires cutting edge sophisticated equipment such as: infrared thermal imaging, electronic and ultrasonic sound tracing, electromagnetic pipe locators, good old-fashioned pressurized nitrogen and more. Our locating techniques are non-invasive, we do not break into your floors and walls in attempt to find your leaky pipe. We recommend you don’t let anyone tear into your walls and floors searching for a leak without a proper leak detection expertise.

Leak detection is a combination of experience and technology. We are fully equipped, able and ready to tackle the challenge and locate your underground leak (slab leak) with upmost accuracy and precision. Let us say this, water is deceitful and tricky. You may see signs of water or water damage in one place, but the origin of the leak can be in a totally different place.

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Do you also offer plumbing repairs?

After locating the leak, we will make recommendations for the most cost-effective solution for your situation. Leak detection our specialty and all we do. Once we locate the leak, we will be able to refer you a reputable plumbing contractor.

Does your inspection include the whole house?

Yes, our leak detection service includes a full inspection until we locate the source of the problem. We will inspect the interior, the exterior, main service line and irrigation system. Keep in mind that a leak detection is done mainly with sensitive acoustic equipment, therefore we cannot locate multiple leaks in the same service call. If there are two leaks, you will need to locate and repair the first (usually the loudest) and then address the second.

Slab Leak clarification: the term is confusing. You may visualize a slab leak as a drip / leak in the faucet or a shower head, but actually its high-pressure water squirting out of a pinhole in a copper pipe (you can see samples of slab leaks in our videos). Due to the high pressure of water in the pipes, you may be losing hundreds or even thousands of gallons per day. Slab leaks are tricky to find, you should always use a water leak detection company to accurately locate and mark the location of your underground leak.

At Sherlock Leak Detectives, we offer slab leak detection services in Los-Angeles county (including the San Fernando Valley), Orange County, Ventura and San Bernardino County. With years of experience, we guarantee you will receive Five Star Leak Detection service.

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Don’t go to anybody else. You are wasting your time and money. He is the ultimate expert – but most importantly – he doesn’t give up. He thinks. He looks. He tests everything and everywhere. Leaks are sneaky. The obvious is seldom the cause. That’s why you need Sherlock Leak Detection. We tried another well known service who made a big song and dance with lots of fancy equipment and triumphantly identified the spot under the floor. Our plumbers dug furiously, jackhammers going like crazy. And? We found an electric pipe. Not a water pipe in sight. But they took our $300 anyway. Then came Sherlock! He came, he saw, he tested, he conquered. The leak was in the exact spot he identified. We dig up the floor and there it was. Trust me ladies and gents. Sherlock is the man for the job.

Ann P.

Los Angeles, CA.

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