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Here is how you can save a lot of money on your water bill and save money on a leak detection service.

 If you receive a high-water bill or suspect your water usage is above normal, the first this you should do is inspect your toilets. A constant flow of water from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl can cause an enormously high-water bill.

Yes. A toilet tank holds about three gallons of water. If the flapper at the bottom of the toilet tank is not sealed properly and drains the tank every five minutes. This will cause a water loss of 36 gallons every hour, or 864 gallons every day (that is more than 1 HCF a day), and in a month this toilet will loose 26,000 gallons of fresh water down the drain.

What can I do?
The toilet tank can leak from the flapper at the bottom of the toilet tank, or the overflow at the top of the water level in the tank.
Step 1: lift the toilet tank cover and listen if you hear the sound of water running. Sometimes you can also see water running at the perimeter of the toilet bowl.

Step 2: You may also want to place dye tablets (you can buy at a hardware store) or food coloring in the toilet tank and let it stand. Inspect the toilet bowl, if there is a leak, there will be dye in the toilet bowl.

Step 3: Check if your water meter is spinning. Then shut off the valves that supply water to the toilets. If the meter stopped spinning, then one of your toilets is leaking.

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