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Thermal Imaging Technology

Water is tricky; it may show up in a different place then the origin of the leak.

Before tearing down walls, ceiling and flooring, let the experts of Sherlock Leak Detectives inspect with our non-invasive thermal imaging infrared cameras to identify the source of water intrusion. We will save you time and money repairing water damages caused by leaks.

How do you use thermal imaging for leak detection?
Thermal imaging exposes the different temperatures (emissivity) of surface building materials. These temperature clues are not visible to the naked eye.
Wet walls and ceilings from water intrusion and leaks will have a different color pallet than dry walls and ceilings (usually deep purple color). This will help our technicians trace the leak origin or the location of water intrusion.
A leak in the hot pipes under your floor will cause a glowing yellow color pallet that will help us identify the location of a hot slab leak.

Is there an additional charge for thermal inspection?
Our leak detection inspection includes a comprehensive thermal scan of your property at no additional charge.

At Sherlock Leak Detectives, we offer thermal imaging inspection services in Los-Angeles county (including the San Fernando Valley), Orange County, Ventura and San Bernardino County. With years of experience, we guarantee you will receive Five Star Leak Detection service.

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Fantastic job!!! Found the leak location in about 10 minutes using an IR camera and sonic leak detection instrumentation. Was extremely polite and courteous and explained all the steps taken as well as suggestions on how to fix the leak as well as professional plumber references if I did not want to fix/bypass the leak myself. You could not ask for more. Price was extremely reasonable.

Louis Z.

Moorpark, CA.

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