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Do I really have a leak?

Generally, pool leaks are divided into three categories:

Structural leaks: Any leak that causes loss of water through a crack in the structure. These cracks can also be hidden behind the light fixture, around the skimmer etc.

Suction side leaks: Considered to be a leak in the plumbing system that is pumped from the pool to cycle through the filter.

Return side leaks: Considered to be a leak in the plumbing lines that return the water from the filter / heater to the pool.

Your pool may have other features that can cause water loss such as vacuum, jacuzzi jets, fountains etc.

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Excluding your pool auto fill (a water filling mechanism) that fills the pool every time the water level drops, the pool is a closed system that is not connected to the domestic water supply.

Therefore, a high water-bill is not an indication of a pool leak, but an unusual drop in the water level is a warning sign of a pool leak.

If you suspect a leak in your pool due to extreme loss of water (more than the usual evaporation) you may want start by performing a bucket test (explained in the DIY pool inspection section). If your findings confirm a leak its time schedule a professional pool leak detection inspection.

A pool leak detection is a seperate service that requires different equipment and techniques than a regular plumbing leak detection inspection.

At Sherlock Leak Detectives, we offer spa and pool leak detection services in Los-Angeles county (including the San Fernando Valley), Orange County, Ventura and San Bernardino County. With years of experience, we guarantee you will receive Five Star Leak Detection service.


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