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Do I really have a leak?

Maybe not. Here is the leak detection do-it-yourself section.

Here is how you can save money on leak detection, DIY style:

  • Lift the toilet tank cover and listen for a running water noise. It sounds like the toilet tank is constantly filling.
  • Put dye tablets or concentrated food coloring in your toilet tank, let it stand and see if the dye eventually ends up in the toilet bowl. (Do not flush while you do this inspection).
  • Inspect the water meter. It is usually located in the sidewalk in front of your house, and see if the little red triangle is spinning when no water is being used in the house. If it is moving, shut of the supply lines to the toilets (the toilet supply line valve) and check if the meter stopped moving.
  • Another helpful hint, is to check that the pool auto-fill is not continuously running.

Well, after all this, if the water meter is still spinning, congratulations! You have an underground leak. It’s time to call Sherlock Leak Detectives to locate your underground leak.

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Do I need to fix it?

That’s not such a good question.

No matter the cause, unseen leaks in your walls or under concrete slab can cause extensive damage and compromise the structural integrity to your home if not located and repaired immediately.

A leak can also pose serious safety hazards and cause the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to serious medical and health conditions.

And OUCH, money money money. You are going to get a high-water bill. We have seen water bills in the thousands. Literally, you are throwing money down the drain.

Slab Leak clarification: the term is confusing. You may visualize a slab leak as a drip / leak in the faucet or a shower head, but actually its high-pressure water squirting out of a pinhole in a copper pipe (you can see samples of slab leaks in our videos). Due to the high pressure of water in the pipes, you may be losing hundreds or even thousands of gallons per day.

Can I find a slab leak myself?

Usually not. Leak detection requires 50% experience, 50% special equipment, and 50% luck.
At Sherlock Leak Detectives, leak detection is our passion and specialty, we leave luck out of the equation.  

Why don’t I just get a plumber to find the leak?

Good question.

Although some plumbers will advertise, they perform leak detection, the truth is they do not. Leak detection is a specialty, and most plumbers are not trained or equipped for this task. We recommend you don’t let anyone tear into your walls and floors searching for a leak without a proper leak detection expertise.

Let us say this, water is deceitful and tricky. You may see signs of water or water damage in one place, but the origin of the leak can be in a totally different place.

Why do leaks happen?

Well, another good question, they just do.

There are many reasons, a pinhole leak in the pipe under your concrete slab floor can be caused due to improper installation, a defective pipe, a piece of metal (nail or rebar) that is in contact with the copper pipe causing corrosion, or sometimes just elevated mineral levels in the soil.

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Can you find leaks in my irrigation system?

OK, back to the good questions.

Irrigation leaks are much more challenging to locate. Here are a few reasons, just so you know:

  • PVC pipes in your lawn cannot be traced like metallic pipes. That means no one knows exactly where the plastic pipes are, so it is harder to know where the pipe is leaking.
  • Also, unfortunately, PVC pipes leak quietly, they do not make the typical loud hissing noise of metallic pipes when leaking.
  • Also, soil does not transfer the sound of the leak like a concrete slab does.
  • And finally, there is a lot sound interference such as wind, construction, landscaping and traffic.

Nevertheless, we have some tricks of the trade up our sleeve. So, there is a good chance we will locate your leak or provide you with an alternative solution.

At Sherlock Leak Detectives, we offer water leak detection services in Los-Angeles county (including the San Fernando Valley), Orange County, Ventura and San Bernardino County. With years of experience, we guarantee you will receive Five Star Leak Detection service.