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How can you find Irrigation Leaks?

A leak detection is a delicate acoustic procedure, using advanced acoustic monitoring we listen to the pipes to locate the typical “gurgling” sound of an underground leak.

Irrigation leaks have their own set of challenges:
Usually irrigation pipes are made of plastic (PVC), which cannot be located and traced (like metal pipes), that means we do not know exactly where to monitor the sound. Plastic pipes also leak quietly unlike metal pipes that make a high pitch hissing sound when leaking under pressure. To top all this, soil does not transfer sound to our listening devices like a concrete slab, so it makes it harder to listen for underground sounds.

In addition to all that, exterior environments are always noisy. Wind, traffic, construction and landscaping make in impossible to hear the delicate sound we are trying to hear. 

It is our commitment to use every “trick of the trade” to locate your irrigation leak, or offer you the cheapest alternative to reduce your water usage.

There are no wet spots in my landscaping, can you still find the leak?

Yes, we do not locate leaks by looking for wet spots in the landscaping. When a pipe is leaking (even a few inches underground) the water will usually saturate the soil underneath. Most times we will pump compressed air into the irrigation system in order to enhance the “grueling” sound and locate the leak.

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I have a high-water bill, but the water meter is not moving, can you help?

A high-water bill is usually caused by a leak or excessive water usage.

Leak Detection service can assist in locating a high-water bill caused due to an active leak. It is a good idea to first inspect your irrigation system (or ask your landscaper) for changes in irrigation schedules (how many days a week and for how long is the timer set for). 

At Sherlock Leak Detectives, we offer water irrigation leak detection services in Los-Angeles county (including the San Fernando Valley), Orange County, Ventura and San Bernardino County. West Hills, Woodland Hills, Reseda, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Northridge, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Glendale, Pasadena and Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Anaheim, Los Angeles.  With years of experience, we guarantee you will receive Five Star Leak Detection service.

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Ron was awesome! He came quickly, had all kinds of detection equipment, and found the leak in no time. He was very helpful in referring a restoration company and plumber to handle the rest of the work. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again in case of another plumbing mystery. I’ve learned the leak is often in a completely different place than where you see it seeping out.

Denise G.

Tarzana, CA.

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