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Sherlock Leak Detectives specialize in leak detection and leak detection only!

When your insured submits a claim and you need to find the cause of the damage and the origin of the leak, call us for immediate service. We are available on call and if necessary, can provide service 24/7.

We will show up on time, respect your insured and his property and provide you with a detailed report indicating the origin of the leak and repair recommendations. Since we do not offer any plumbing repair services, you can rest assure we are not trying to “sell” the insured any unnecessary services (or any services at all for that matter).

For service in Los-Angeles county, Ventura county and Orange county, contact us at (800) 518-0771. Provide us with insured information and claim No. We will schedule a leak detection inspection and email you the report / invoice with our recommendations.

I personally guarantee you and your insured will be 100% satisfied with our service.

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We proudly service Los-Angeles, Ventura & Orange county.



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With a response time of less than 45 minutes… we have you covered.

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Great name for a great company!! Ron, owner of Sherlock, is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and knows how to get the job done. Arrived at our house on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and within a short time had not only found the leak but gave us a solution to be able to turn our water on again. Thanks, Ron, for your expertise and saving us from further home damage.

Linda W.

Calabasas, CA.

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